Oil Therapy eliminates constipation

Symptoms; abnormal swimming, floating at surface, rolling or bouncing, upside down

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Oil therapy
Oil Therapy

Constipation is typically caused by improper feeding. If the oil therapy doesn’t work, the track may be inflamed

A combination of three of the finest and safest oils available. Oil therapy works by lubricating the tract, and clearing it within a few hours


Instructions for use

Using an appropriately sized container, catch the fish up along with tank or pond water for treatment

Lift the fish’s head above the surface, and in a moment it will gasp, giving you a chance to administer oil

Using the enclosed eye dropper, push tip into the throat, past the gills and squeeze gently

The fish may spit oil into the container contaminating the water, so hand carry back to tank or pond

Administer 4 to 6 drops per inch of goldfish body once daily until normal swimming has resumed or for three days maximum

Optimum water temperature for treatment is 72f


Store at room temperature


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