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Oop Boost Spray

Oop Boost Spray increases pH levels

OZONE oxygenation

Oop Boost increases pH by raising oxygen levels without increasing alkalinity

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Relieves symptoms of low oxygen deprivation that include; reddened gills, gasping at surface, overworking mouth and gills, fungus, missing scales, shredded fins

Oop Boost raises immunity if fish and the ecosystem they live in

Potential of hydrogen, pH measures oxygen and carbonate mineral (KH) value combined. In most cases of oxygen deprivation, KH value is at safe levels, however, oxygen levels may be low due to enclosed tank or poor water movement. KH, and KH alone is responsible for alkalinity, giving water the ability to support the oxygen molecule

Carbon dioxide, a gas created from the waste our fish produce, takes up space in the water, keeping oxygen from entering. Most filtering systems are designed to remove debris and unsightly particles from the water, keeping it clear, however, the water movement produced by these filters doesn’t create the right kind of action for eliminating Co2 from water

Some types of fish prefer water closer to the neutral zone when it comes to alkalinity, however, all fish and the environment they live in benefit from living in oxygenated water

Many health issues that freshwater fish develop are directly related to low pH. Just a few conditions related to low oxygen levels are bad bacteria infection, fungus, parasite infection, fin rot and cancer sores. Fish that experience ammonia or nitrite spikes may not recover fully due to low oxygen levels in the water. Ammonia causes the gills to become inflamed, making it difficult for fish to get oxygen. Nitrites robs the blood of oxygen. If the pH value is low in their fish habitat, they may not recover from a simple spike in the cycle. Nitrates also rob the blood of oxygen. Fish living in water with high nitrates and excellent water quality have a greater tolerance for the toxin. Fish living in water with a low pH may fall prey to nitrate poisoning, even in though the test reads safe

Bad bugs cannot get a foothold in healthy water. While Oop will not destroy parasites, such as ich and flukes, they’re unable to thrive and multiply. Water low in oxygen, low in pH value is the perfect environment for them, however, the opposite is true for our fish and nitrifying bacteria; the ones that create the nitrogen cycle

Healthy fish live in healthy water

Oop Boost oxygenates water instantly, improving the overall environment

Reverses pH crash by oxygenating water instantly

Discourages the formation of bad bacteria, fungus

Discourages the reproduction of external parasites

Will not harm filtration system

Learn how to oxygenate your fish house water by reading The Organic Fish

Safe for saltwater and freshwater fish

Price includes free priority shipping

Oop Boost Spray does not eliminate chloramines

If your fish is exhibiting symptoms of oxygen deprivation, push a pitcher deep into the water filling it. Pour it back in, and repeat process several times to remove Co2, a gas created by the waste your fish produce. This action replaces the action created by a pond pump or HOB filter. Carbon dioxide takes up space, keeping oxygen from entering. If pH is still low, test KH value. Various types of freshwater fish require various alkalinity levels. Search online to find information

Single dose regular strength: 1 to 2 squirts treats 10 gallons of water
Single dose pond strength: 1 to 2 squirts treats 30 gallons of water

Use one time to eliminate chlorine from freshwater

Mix well after each single dose

Use maximum three times daily to boost pH

Learn how to oxygenate water by reading The Organic Fish

Easy to use: spritz surface of fish house water: store at room temperature: long shelf life

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