Water Boost tof


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8 fluid ounces treats 80 gallons



Water Boost tof

Water Boost tof improves water quality by increasing oxygen and mineral value. Magnesium is vital for our fish’s good health, and most of us have low levels in our tap, however, calcium is commonly found world wide. Novice and experienced fish keepers alike lack understanding what makes water healthy for fish. Oxygen is where it begins. Carbonate mineral, better known as KH gives water the power to support the O2 molecule, and without it, water will not be oxygenated no matter how many pumps are installed. Minerals and oxygen make up the value of water

Gently increases pH by increasing carbonate mineral and oxygen levels combined

Destroys bad bacteria and fungus

Increases magnesium values

Destroys chlorine

Learn all about the water your fish live in

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