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Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food

Gel food seaweed and shrimp

Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food
Nutritious and delicious

Seaweed and shrimp gel food contains only the finest organic ingredients. These same ingredients also contain natural herbs that improve digestion and destroy bad bacteria in the intestinal tract

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Gelatin helps build and repair damaged tissue and scales as well as many other countless benefits your fish need for longevity

Your fish will love the taste, and be all the healthier for it. It’s easy to prepare and store

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Add 1 cup of steaming hot water: stir gently but thoroughly

Add 1 cup of cold water

Pour onto 8″x 8″ cookie sheet or cake pan and chill in refrigerator until firm; one hour minimum

Cut into 1/2″ squares; wrap enough food for five days feeding; freeze remaining portions in freezer bag

Do not feed gel food continuously as your regular food source. Feed a varied diet

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