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Water Boost

Water Boost

Water Boost increases pH, KH and GH levels

Symptoms of low oxygen levels include; reddened gills, gasping at surface, gasping, fungus, missing scales, shredded fins

Boost immunity of ecosystem and fish by raising mineral value. Healthy fish live in healthy water

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Destroys bad bacteria and fungus

Water Boost gently increases pH by increasing oxygen and carbonate mineral levels

Gently increases GH by increasing magnesium levels

Learn more by reading The Organic Fish

Destroys chlorine

Optimum temperature for treatment is 70f to 72f

Instructions for use
Perform a 20% water change with each treatment

Exchange only 5% of tank or pond water at one time if nitrates are present

Use water treatment if chloramines are present

Premix one ounce in freshwater or per 10 gallons of fish house water with water change or pull one gallon of tank water, premix solution and pour all around slowly mixing with your hand as you do so

Treat twice daily until water quality can be improved

Water Boost does not eliminate chloramines

Keep solution refrigerated for longer shelf life


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