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About the Organic Fish

The Organic Fish was started over twenty years ago, when I first performed a salt bath on a dying fish. I had read about it online, and when I found my three year old fantail, upside down and lifeless, I remembered the life saving remedy. It worked; within moments the fish was breathing again. That was the moment I became obsessed with goldfish. I was determined to keep my fish alive and well

During my early years of fish keeping, I didn’t know about the nitrogen cycle or how water was oxygenated, or even that fish needed oxygenated water. I performed 100% water changes once a week, scrubbing the entire tank down, filter and all. When a fish got sick, I raced to the pet shop for medicinal cures. The fish got sicker; nothing worked. One day I researched their ancestry out of curiosity, and got the idea to recreate the natural environment they came from; the rivers of China

about tof
BG Rand (Venus)

To accomplish the feat, I learned everything I could about water, and what makes it healthy. I learned the value of pH, and what it really means. I studied the nitrogen cycle, and the toxins it produces. To get the water moving, I installed a pond pump in a small stock tank.

Over the next few months everything changed. My fish were thriving. To spread the word, I created my first website, goldfish-emergency.com. It consisted of one page, the 10 Steps to goldfish keeping. Each step consisted of one paragraph

Today, each step is several pages long, and is now a book

Within a few weeks I had people posting in the forums. I learned everything I know today by helping these people. I’ve always used herbs and natural teas on my family and my other animals, so why not fish?

What started with salt and garlic grew to a long list of remedies designed to improve a variety of issues. Combine these natural treatments with healthy water, and you get healthy fish


Over the years I’ve written several books on the care of goldfish and Koi, and even though these remedies were originally designed for goldfish, the magic works on all freshwater fish

Will my theories work with aquarium fish? Of course, as long as the fish keeper is willing to make a few compromises. Most freshwater fish need water rich in oxygen. Enclosed tanks are typically low in oxygen, inviting bad bacteria. In most cases, fish benefit from living in tanks with open tops. Contrary to popular belief, air pumps do not oxygenate water. Water is oxygenated by method of diffusion, which occurs as the surface pulls oxygen from the air above

Exposing the surface to fresh air is important, but that’s not enough. Next, the water must be relatively free of carbon dioxide, a gas created from the waste our fish produce. Filters, such as HOB types are helpful, and may be sufficient for types of fish that create little waste, or aquariums with low stocking levels. Most types of freshwater fish will benefit from the action of a pond pump. Pond pumps sit on the floor, pulling water from the bottom where gas accumulates, shooting it to the top where the gases are expelled

Learn everything you can about the fish you keep and the water it lives in, and it will thrive in the natural ecosystem you create