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Healthy fish live in healthy water. tof products are safe and effective for all freshwater fish. Tested, tried and true, our remedies improve the health of the fish and the health of the water simultaneously without the use of harmful chemicals. Keep it natural and your fish will thrive in the environment you create

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Healthy fish live in healthy water

tof products
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Different types of freshwater fish have different needs. Learn everything you can about the fish you keep. When we refer to freshwater fish, we refer to a broad spectrum of varieties and species. No matter what type of freshwater fish you’re keeping, it will benefit from an organic, healthy ecosystem. Read and follow The Organic Fish keeper, and watch your fish thrive in the healthy environment you create

Depending on your fish’s origin, it may prefer cool or warm water, higher or lower pH

If you need help with your goldfish, visit goldfish emergency

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Freshwater fish

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All of our remedies gently increase pH and destroy chlorine

Aloe Remedy
Soothes, heals, increases protective slime coat, repairs scales and fins, builds immunity

Mint Medley Remedy
Destroys bad bacteria, parasites and fungus, heals, natural antibiotic, builds immunity

Sea Salt Remedy
Destroys external parasites and bad bacteria, improves gills function, restores slime coat

Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy
Destroys external parasites and bad bacteria, eliminates warts and tumors, improves gills function, restores slime coat, natural antibiotic, builds immunity

Garlic Remedy
Destroys external parasites, bad bacteria and fungus, eliminates warts and tumors, natural antibiotic, build immunity

Mean Green Remedy
Relieves symptoms of nitrite and nitrate poisoning, rebuilds damaged blood cells, oxygenates blood

Dandy Remedy
Reduces bloating or swelling caused by poisoning; improves organ function; fights infection; high in antioxidants

Health Tonic
Boost overall immunity and health, boost organ function, purifies blood

Float Remedy
Reduces symptoms of floating and bobbing, eliminates constipation, improves digestion

Oop Boost
Eliminates chlorine, destroys bad bacteria and fungus, increases pH value by oxygenating water


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