Organic Fish Keeping

Organic Fish Keeping creates a healthy ecosystem

Organic fish keeping brings a new light to the industry. Even though we’ve managed to keep our fish in captivity. Even though we’ve changed their coloration and their appearance, we haven’t been able to change their natural instinct. By considering their native origin, and by recreating the natural habitat and conditions from which they come, our fish can thrive

Work with Mother Nature instead of fighting against her; a battle no one can win

In a natural and healthy body of water vegetation is plentiful. The vegetation feeds on nitrates, keeping levels to a bare minimum. The fish eat the vegetation, the fish make waste, and the waste is utilized by beneficial bacteria that produce nitrates. Algae and other plants as well all feed on nitrates. Such is the circle of aqua life

In a natural body of water, you won’t see fish pressed to the bottom or curled from nitrate poisoning. You won’t see fish bobbing at the surface due to an impacted intestinal tract. Vegetation offers a diet high in roughage and nutrition. Most freshwater are omnivorous, meaning they eat both vegetation and meats. In the wild, competition is fierce. Their favorite foods, small fish, fish eggs or worms, are hard to come by, while plants are plentiful. Research, and learn about the fish you keep. Different fish require different environments and food types

Natural fish keeping

In a natural body of water there is no painted rock, no marble substrate or polished stones. There are no plastic decorations; no chemicals or medications

In a natural body of water there are no carbon filters, no Zeolites, no charcoal discouraging the formation of beneficial bacteria. Friendly bugs are plentiful. You won’t see fish gasping at the surface, suffering from oxygen deprivation. The oxygen levels are high because the surface is broad and exposed to fresh air, the water rich in minerals

Water is all important to the lives of our fish, and our lives as well. Water should be treated with the greatest of respect. Creating negative ions that effect us in a positive way, moving water makes us happy. A Scientific Study conducted on water has proved that water has memory and it can help you gain consciousness. In this video we’ve explained about the benefits of drinking water through copper vessels. This video also explains about the magical properties of water, its memory and the effect  The magical properties of water by Sadhguru

Every fish house, no matter how large or small has the potential to be a natural and healthy one. You might think that creating an organic ecosystem is difficult to do, and even harder to maintain, but the opposite is true if you follow our lead

Fish Keeping

Compromises must be made if our fish are to be housed successfully in our homes, or even our backyards. Following the Organic fish Keeper closely will give you that success. No matter what size your fish house, no matter what type of freshwater fish you keep, you can create a healthy ecosystem. The organic fish keeper will help you create such a place for your fish

Of course we can’t have rivers in our back yards or in our homes, but we can offer our fish a small chunk of nature

Healthy ecosystem leads to healthy fish

There’s really nothing quite as sad as the sight of fish swimming in a tank with no vegetation or gravel, unless it’s the sight of one swimming alone in said tank. Most freshwater fish swim in schools in the wild

Organic fish keeping

Fish Care

The industry has convinced the fish keeper to enclose their aquariums; to use top loading filters loaded with product that absorb ammonia, which keep the cycle from forming. These products are unreliable. Fish living in a house that hasn’t been cycled are at risk of being poisoned by ammonia and nitrite, toxins created from their own waste. Understanding the nitrogen cycle is all important. The waste fish produce creates ammonia, an invisible toxin. Ammonia is a food source to beneficial bacteria. When it’s present, they form to feed on it, converting it into nitrites. When nitrites are present, another type of friendly bugs appears magically, feeding on the toxin, converting it into nitrates, the final toxin to be converted in the nitrogen cycle. Nitrates are safe in low amounts

Healthy bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 hours. Unhealthy bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 minutes

Without a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria to guard the fort, bad bacteria will soon make their formidable presence known. To destroy them; chemical warfare begins, but in the end, the bad guy will win. Bad bacteria quickly build an immunity to the products we use to kill them, except for one thing, oxygen. Bad bacteria and parasites as well cannot thrive in an environment that is heavily oxygenated. Water is complex, and every body of water is different, however, learning about your freshwater source will mean the difference of success or failure at fish keeping

organic fish keeping
The Organic Fish

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The Organic Fish Keeper was designed to help you create a truly natural ecosystem. Your fish will thrive in the environment you create, living up to their full potential in life expectancy

Learn everything you can about the nitrogen cycle, and how to encourage the event. Responsible for creating a safe and healthy ecosystem, no fish house is safe unless its cycled. Learn about the minerals in water that make it valuable to your fish; the very minerals that give water life. Learn how to oxygenate water. Healthy water makes for healthy fish

Every new and experienced fish keeper needs to cycle a tank or pond now and then. Learn how to keep your fish safe from toxins and the risk of being poisoned by water treatment during the cycle by reading the book below

organic fish keeping
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Author: Brenda Rand