goldfish hotline

Goldfish hotline

Goldfish hotline for those that need expert advice and instruction from a master goldfish keeper. Our admin are experts in diagnosing and treating sick fish, using only natural or organic methods and remedies. The main focus is on the water the fish live in, and creating a healthy ecosystem

Healthy fish live in healthy water. Sick fish live in sick water

Freshwater fish thrive in cold and heavily oxygenated water, and so do the beneficial bacteria that share their environment. Bad bugs thrive in warm water that is low in oxygen

Common ailments include ammonia, nitrite or nitrate poisoning caused from an upset cycle, however more commonly the fish is infected with bad bugs. Covers must be removed in order for the water to breathe. Water must be moving and temperatures must be low

Chemicals used in pet shop products are another cause of sick fish, as our fish are delicate

Multitude of issues plague our fish, but we’re here to help

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