goldfish sucking air

Goldfish sucking air

Goldfish sucking air indicates there is no or little oxygen in the water. Open the top so the water surface is exposed to fresh air. Using a pitcher, push it deep into the water, filling it. Bring it up, and pour it back in. Repeat this process several times to remove Co2 from the body of water. The same action creates water movement that pulls O2 from the air above, oxygenating the water. Test pH, after performing the pitcher method of oxygenating water

Test pH and KH

Potential of hydrogen, pH tests read both carbonate mineral (KH) and oxygen (O2) You can determine if oxygen levels are healthy by comparing the pH test result to tap water. Tap water reading should be close to the same as tank water readings

Healthy pH levels for goldfish are 8.ppm or close to it. A little under or over is okay. Low pH tap readings could mean KH levels are too low. Carbonate mineral gives water the ability to support oxygen; vital to life

Comfort zone for KH is 100 to 140 ppm

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