healthy goldfish food

Healthy goldfish food

Healthy goldfish food isn’t cheap, so just how healthy you feed your fish may depend on your budget. Freshwater fish should be fed several small meals daily, so mix it up, and feed them a variety. Feeding only one kind of food is boring for the fish, and the diet may be lacking in nutrition. Feeding several small meals helps to avoid digestion issues, and keeps them busy

Google the type of fish you keep, and find out what foods they can be fed

Goldfish love a variety of foods, and peas are a favorite. Remove the shells from frozen peas after thawing. Squeeze to make sure they’re soft, and watch your fish go crazy

Our gel food is one of the most healthy foods a fish can eat, but even so, feed only once daily

Pellets are okay if they’re moistened before feeding. Dry pellets swell in the tract, causing serious digestive issues

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