tof Terms

tof Terms and conditions

tof terms and conditions apply to any and all services and products offered by The Organic Fish. We use United States Postal Services for delivery, and ship all packages Priority mail, which promises two to three day delivery. Some packages may take a day or two longer depending on location and holidays. We use glass bottles and wrap them securely, however, we cannot be responsible for mishandling. We may or may not replace damaged products due to circumstance

The products you order may or may not cure your fish, however, if you follow the advice given, it will have a fighting chance. It takes more than a remedy to improve the health of sick fish. Most sick fish are suffering from poor water quality. Our remedies boost water quality temporarily, and offer healing natural herbs that have the potential to eliminate sickness, however, it’s up to you to improve the environment, feeding or maintenance routine that may have led to its poor condition

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