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CBD Remedy

CBD remedy

CBD Remedy relieves stress

Symptoms; stress or anxiety, loss of appetite due to depression or disease, high blood pressure, listlessness, depression or grief

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Stimulates appetite, and reduces stress

Relieves trauma caused by illness or disease

Improves cardiovascular system

Reduces blood pressure

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Optimum temperature for treatment is 70f to 72f

Instructions for use
Perform a 20% water change with each full treatment, or add to one quart of tank water to dilute

Exchange only 5% of tank or pond water at a time if nitrates are present

Premix 1 ounce of solution (per 10 gallons of fish house water) in fresh treated water
Use water treatment if chloramines are present

Perform 1 day as a tonic or 3 consecutive days as full treatment

Repeat as needed

Keep solution refrigerated, and discard after six weeks


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