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Buy the book and learn everything you can about the fish you keep

Buy the book, follow our lead, and your goldfish or Koi will thrive in the environment you create. The industry encourages the use of harmful chemicals and medications to eliminate bad bacteria, however, these same substances shorten the lifespan of your fish. Keeping your fish in a natural ecosystem is much easier than you think. You fish will thrive, and live long lives

The Art of Goldfish

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10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

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10 Easy Steps to Goldfish Keeping

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The Organic Fish

The Semi Live Fish Free Cycle

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The Goldfish Kid

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Water World

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For the love of Cats

If you love cats, you’ll enjoy learning more about their behavior good and bad. Learn how to change bad behavior by working with their natural instincts, and not so natural. Concerned for homeless cats, the author has spent over twenty years trapping, spaying and neutering stray and feral cats. One cat at a time is trapped, and taken to a clinic. There, it is examined, spayed or neutered and treated for parasites or minor ailments. The cat is then placed in a create for observation. The is released where it was trapped if deemed unsociable. If the cat is friendly, it’s placed up for adoption

Your cat will benefit from the many health remedies and preventative treatments listed in these pages

During these twenty years, over 100 cats have found loving homes. Now, she would like to share her experience by offering tips on behavior, training, and care of cats

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Buying Time

Buying time for sick or injured fish

Buying time for sick fish is easy if they’re cold blooded. These freshwater fish have an amazing attribute; they become dormant in lower temperatures. The colder the water, the less food and oxygen they need. Fish that originated in cold regions are typically cold blooded. Their body temperature is the same as the water they live in. The colder the water the slower the fish. This comes in handy in times of stress. Toxins are less poisonous, parasites and bad bacteria can’t function or reproduce, dangerous water conditions are not so dangerous

If you’re in need of a remedy fast, we offer express delivery, but whether you opt for faster mail service or not, you can buy time by reducing water temperature

Cold blooded fish begin dormancy at 64f and in a complete state of dormancy at 44f

  • Fill a pitcher with fish house water, and chill it in the fridge or freezer; maybe two or three pitchers. Pour in all around slowly, fill and repeat until temps are 54f for high risk fish, 60f for moderate risk and 64f for low risk fish

Lowering the temperature will not harm healthy or sick fish. Some say, it may enhance their health, being a part of their natural life cycle

  • Slow feeding at 64f; stop feeding at 54f. Like our fish, beneficial bacteria also become dormant, needing less food; less oxygen

The more serious the condition, the lower the temperature should fall

  • You can also float some ice in the water, lower the thermostat in the room, turn off the tank light, open the top and set up a fan so it blows across the surface

When your remedy arrives, warm the fish house to 72f before starting treatment

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