problems with goldfish

Problems with goldfish are common

Problems with goldfish happen to all of now and then, no matter how experienced the fish keeper. Fish live in a complex ecosystem that must be perfectly suited to their physical requirements. Testing water parameters, and making certain the readings are appropriate is expensive, and confusing at times

Learn all about the nitrogen cycle, as without a healthy cycle, your fish could be poisoned. Beneficial bacteria create this cycle, however, it all begins with the waste your fish produce. Ammonia is the first toxin to form from decomposing waste. Ammonia is a food source for the friendly bugs. They convert it to nitrites, and then another kind of good bug appears to change nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates are the third and final toxin to be converted in the nitrogen cycle, however, it doesn’t end there. Algae forms to feed on nitrates, keeping levels at bay, providing a valuable food source for your fish

Parameters such as general hardness (GH) carbonate mineral (KH) and pH should also be tested periodically

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