One on One goldfish help


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One on One goldfish help

One on one goldfish help for those with fish in distress, or just needing some support. Caring for fish can be stressful under the best circumstances, no matter how experienced you are. Novice, and even master fish keepers struggle now and then, as our fish are a mystery. Fish are often thought of as low life forms, and creatures of little value. Few veterinarians know about fish, and even fewer will treat them. Due to the high cost of medical care, the ones that exist may not be affordable, however, we’re devoted to our fish here at the organic fish, and we’re here to help you

Chat with our master goldfish keeper via email

Problem with your goldfish or Koi? Chat with an expert one on one via email unlimited for $20

Our master fish keeper will give you step by step instructions, as well as teach you how to properly care for your fish so they thrive

Goldfish Hotline $45

Visit goldfish-emergency for additional help