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Mean Green Remedy

Mean Green Remedy tof

Mean Green Remedy repairs red blood cells

Relieves symptoms of nitrite and nitrate poisoning: bottom sitting, pressed to bottom, lack of appetite, curled or bent position, red veining in tail fin or body

Boost immunity and improves general health; balances hormones; detoxifies blood and improves organ function and helps restore the blood’s ability to support oxygen

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Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems

Nitrite and nitrate poisoning Cousins, nitrites and nitrates both rob the blood of oxygen. Created during the nitrogen cycle, nitrite is converted from ammonia and then into nitrates by beneficial bacteria. In a cycled fish house, nitrates are always present, but our fish can only tolerate low amounts; 10 to 30 ppm. Nitrites should test at zero unless a spike has occurred or the cycle in progress. Healthy fish cannot tolerate any level of nitrite, but can tolerate low levels of nitrates

Fish suffering from nitrite or nitrate issues may benefit from salted water. Chloride in salt improves gill function, which helps the fish get increased levels of oxygen. Salt also makes water dense, which makes it heavier, which helps relieve the pressure caused by nitrates. The  Sea Salt Remedy may be combined safely with the Mean Green Remedy

Fish that have suffered from nitrate poisoning cannot tolerate shallow water as the pressure caused by the toxin is relieved by the pressure created by deep water. Perform small and frequent water changes to reduce nitrate levels, keeping the water table as high as possible

Learn all about the nitrogen cycle by reading The Organic Fish

Optimum temperature for treatment is 70f to 72f

Instructions for use
Perform a total of 20% water change with each treatment, exchanging only 5% at one time if nitrates are present

Premix 1 ounce of solution (per 10 gallons of fish house water) in fresh treated water
Use water treatment if chloramines are present

Perform 1 day as a tonic or 3 consecutive days as full treatment. Repeat as needed

Keep solution refrigerated, and discard after six weeks


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