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Sea Salt Remedy

Sea Salt Remedy tof

Sea Salt Remedy restores slime coat

Sea Salt Remedy improves gill function, restores slime coat, destroys bad bacteria, parasites and fungus

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Contains three types of natural sea salts that include include calcium, chloride, iron,magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium

Bad bugs Symptoms; white cloud in water, scratching or flashing, cotton like fungus on fish or decorations, missing scales, shredded fins

Parasites must be introduced into the environment, whereas bad bacteria forms when conditions are right. Both are discouraged in water that is cold, oxygenated and rich in mineral value. Learn how to create a healthy ecosystem by reading The Organic Fish

Optimum temperature for treatment is 70f to 72f

Instructions for use
Perform a 20% water change with each treatment

Exchange only 5% of tank or pond water at one time if nitrates are present

Use water treatment if chloramines are present

Premix one ounce in freshwater or per 10 gallons of fish house water with water change for in house tonic or treatment

To give fish a bath, pull one gallon of fish house water, add 1 ounce of solution, and stir vigorously before placing fish in bath
1 to 3 minute bathing time

Perform 1 day as a tonic or 3 consecutive days as full treatment. Repeat in three weeks

Salt should never be used consistently or bad bugs will build immunity


Learn more about Salting our Fish

Keep solution refrigerated  and discard after six weeks


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