cloudy fish tank water

Cloudy fish tank water

Cloudy fish tank water is a bacteria bloom; good or bad. Bad bugs are attracted to warm water, that’s low in oxygen. Test ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. Zero readings for ammonia and nitrites, combined with low readings for nitrates indicate the cycle is complete

The nitrogen cycle is established, which means bad bacteria are responsible for the bloom. Test pH and KH. Potential of hydrogen, or pH readings should be close to 8.ppm if not a little over. Readings for KH or carbonate mineral should be close to 120 ppm

Remove the tank cover, so the surface is exposed to fresh air. Using a pitcher, push it deep into the tank water, filling it with water. Pour the water back into the tank, and repeat this process several times. Action created by this method removes carbon dioxide from water as it pulls in oxygen from the air above. Water movement is the key to a healthy ecosystem

Novice fish keepers use top loading filters that move the water only slightly. Instead, consider adding a pond pump to your set up

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