Mint Medley Remedy tof


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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Mint Medley Remedy tof

Mint medley remedy tof is a natural antibiotic with fringe benefits, as it freshens your home with minty scent. Prevents and destroys bad bacteria or fungus infection, however, it also improves general health by boosting immunity. Overlooked as a cure all, no other remedy is so well rounded in its power. Treat your entire tank or pond with the remedy when adding new fish or plants. A powerful antioxidant, it eliminates free radicals, lowering the risk for cancer. Aiding in digestion, mint is has been on our shelves for centuries as a homeopathic cure for stomach aches

Destroys bad bacteria

Destroys fungus

Discourages parasite infection

Heals injuries and encourages good health

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