goldfish bent

Goldfish bent

Goldfish bent to one side indicates the fish has been poisoned by nitrates. Reduce toxin levels by performing small and frequent water changes. Keep the water table as high as possible, as this relieves pressure

Increase oxygen levels by using our Oop Boost remedy. Nitrates rob the blood of oxygen, and if the water is low in oxygen, nitrates are twice as deadly

Recommend using our Mean Green or Dandy remedies. Both cleanse and purify the bloodstream

Keep the top of the tank open at all times. Oxygen is pulled into the water from the air above. Perform our pitcher method of oxygenating water. Using a pitcher, push it deep into the water, filling it. Bring it up, and pour it back in. Repeat 10 times for 10 gallons of water twice a day

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Showing all 4 results