Dandy Remedy tof


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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Dandy Remedy tof

Dandy remedy tof cleanses the blood stream of toxins and foreign substances, such as chemicals, nitrites or nitrates.  The organs that filter our blood are easily damaged when the task is overwhelming, and due to the overuse of chemicals in the industry, many a fish will fall prey to this condition. The products we buy at the pet shop, even the water treatment we use to remove chlorine, are mostly chemicals. Kidney failure causes bloating and swelling due to fluid retention. Liver failure causes the fish to yellow, however it’s difficult to tell with some fish, because of their coloration. Raised scales combined with bottom sitting may indicate organ failure

Improves kidney and liver function

Rich in vitamin K, A, C, E

Fights infection and relieves pain

Rich in antioxidants, destroying free radicals

Boosts the immune system and reduces fever caused by infection

Reduces inflammation and fluid retention

Cleanses the bloodstream and reduces thickening of the blood, eliminating the risk of clotting

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