goldfish gasping at surface

Goldfish gasping at surface

Goldfish gasping at surface indicates the water is low in oxygen. Our fish require heavily oxygenated water, and understanding how water is oxygenated is the key

Low water temperatures keep our goldfish healthy and happy. Warm water causes them to use more oxygen. Bad bacteria, parasites and fungus thrive. Lowering the temperature reduces risk of infection

Open the top of your tank, so the surface is exposed to fresh air. Water is oxygenated by method of diffusion. Diffusion occurs when moving water pulls oxygen from the air above. Water must be free of clouds and gases, or Co2. Carbon dioxide is present where there are animals, creating waste. Gas hangs heavily in the water unless it is expelled by means of a pond pump

Pond pumps pull water from the bottom, pushing it to the surface where the gas is released, clearing the water, making space for oxygen to enter

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