Swollen goldfish

Swollen Goldfish

Swollen goldfish are suffering from kidney failure. Organ issues are normally caused by the use of chemicals in pet shop products. Water treatment that’s used weekly is the biggest offender. Designed to eliminate chlorine and chloramines, it’s one of the larger scams the fish industry sells

Chlorine is a liquid gas that is easily dispersed when exposed to oxygen. Dropping a pond pump in a fresh water bucket for a couple of hours will do the trick. Chloramines is combined ammonia; meaning ammonia is combined with chlorine to give it staying power. Ammonia is created by the beneficial bacteria that create the nitrogen cycle, and is a food source. The trace amounts added to fresh tap water will not harm the fish, and soon be converted into nitrites, and then nitrates

Consider using our Oop Boost to eliminate chlorine, and do not use water treatment to eliminate chloramines, let Mother Nature do it instead

Recommend using our Dandy remedy to heal and cleanse the bloodstream

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