Sea Salt Remedy tof


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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Sea Salt Remedy tof

Sea salt remedy tof is a powerful weapon against disease and infection. Salt kills bad bacteria, fungus and parasites by dehydration, however, it does much more. A solution of saline increases the protective  coating on fish by irritating their tissue, causing them to produce slime. Slime guards their skin from infection, and important to good health. Sodium contains chloride, which when used properly improves gill function, helping our fish to take in oxygen. Salt has brought back many a fish from the dead due to it’s mystical powers. Fish pull water in through their mouths, expelling it out through their gills. During this process water passes over an organ called the rake, functioning as a lung of sorts. Oxygen is pulled directly into the blood stream by this organ. Beneficial as it is, it can be deadly to our fish. Freshwater fish cannot tolerate consistent saline solutions, as it stresses their organs. Use salt only as a preventative on occasion, or to destroy harmful bacteria or parasitic infection. Never use salt on bloated or swollen fish

Destroys bad bacteria and fungus

Destroys external parasites, including ich, flukes and anchor worms

Improves gill function and restores slime coat

Revives fish that have been deprived of oxygen

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