Garlic Remedy tof



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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Garlic remedy tof

Garlic remedy tof destroys bad bugs and improves general health. Bad bacteria are everywhere, just waiting for an opportunity, and by this we mean, when the fish keeper becomes lax on water changes, or a fish gets an open wound for example, they grow and multiply rapidly, duplicating every 12 to 20 minutes. Good bacteria split every 12 to 20 hours. Parasites must be introduced into an environment, however, they’re really sneaky, and new fish or plants are normally the hosts. Avoid the risk of infection by treating your tank or pond to a garlic remedy when making new introductions. No need to isolate with this super tonic

Anti inflammatory

Improves heart function


Destroys cancer cells

Natural antibiotic

Improves general health

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