tof Products

tof products; a line of natural health remedies

tof products were first developed over ten years ago. The salt tonic and treatment were the first remedies added to our website, goldfish emergency.

Salt sold at pet shops called for dangerously high amounts, and was low in quality, putting our fish at risk

We developed a remedy made from sea salt that was safer to use. Recommended for bad bacteria, fungus and parasites, the treatment was safer as well as being more effective

A few years later, we realized some fish couldn’t take salt, so we started experimenting with garlic, and the treatments worked just as well as salt, if not better. Garlic destroyed the same bad bugs while enhancing the health of the fish, and was risk free. Before long we started experimenting with other natural substances, such as chlorophyll, dandelion and mint for various items

Our boldest experiment was H202, oxygenated water. We were apprehensive, but the results were outstanding. What we now call Oop Boost, has saved many a goldfish life

Our latest addition is dried Seaweed and Shrimp gel food. Easy to prepare, it’s packed full of healthy ingredients that improve digestion and boost the immune system. Fish love it

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Showing all 13 results