Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy tof


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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy tof

Sea salt and garlic tof remedy is one of our most powerful weapons against disease and infection, the first being healthy water. Bad bugs form quickly and multiply in water that is too warm or low in oxygen. Good bugs reproduce every twelve to twenty hours, whereas bad bugs reproduce every twelve to twenty minutes. The good guys need our help, so we must be ever vigilant. Parasites, bad bacteria and fungus invade the best kept ponds and tanks on occasion, however, we’ll be ready with this natural remedy that not only destroys them, but enhances the health of our fish

Salt is a marvelous substance with amazing properties, however, use it wisely for freshwater fish. Organs can be become stressed with continued use

Destroys parasites, bad bacteria and fungus

Restores slime coat and improves gill function

Anti inflammatory, improves heart function and general health

Antioxidant, destroys cancer cells

Natural antibiotic

Safe to use in cycled tanks and ponds

Natural remedies verses meds

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