Float Remedy tof



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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Float Remedy tof

Float remedy tof relieves floating, bobbing or rolling issues. Connected to the intestinal tract by a tiny tube, the swim bladder utilizes the carbon dioxide. The bladder (much like a balloon) fills with gas when the fish wishes to rise upwards, and then releases the gas back into the tract when the fish wants to sink or swim downwards. The tract must be moving smoothly in order for this process to occur.  Gas cannot pass through the tube effortlessly if the tract is slow moving or obstructed. Severe symptoms, such as floating upside down at the surface, threaten the fish’s life in more than one way. Bottom dwellers, such as goldfish feel vulnerable to predators, and become stressed, which increases their heart rate. The obstruction may tear the intestines, and leach toxins into the bloodstream, putting it at risk of septicemia

Relieves constipation caused by improper feeding

Easy to administer. Remedy is added to fish tank or pond water

Safe and effective for all freshwater fish

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