Digestive Health Therapy tof



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Digestive Health Therapy tof

Digestive health therapy tof for fish with chronic constipation or floating issues. Remedy does not relief constipation. You’ll need the Float Remedy for that, however, fish that suffer from chronic floating issues, such as fancy goldfish, benefit from it. Intestines become inflamed and irritated by bad bacteria in the tract when waste slows or stops. Inflammation could very well be the cause of repeated cases of constipation. Improper feeding, or feeding the wrong kind of food, or too much at one time causes digestive disorders. Fish have no stomachs to speak of, and digest their food within a few hours. In the wild, our fish would be considered as constant grazers, always searching for food, and finding small amounts here and there. Feed them the same in captivity, feeding less more often

Must be administered orally or added to gel food

Clears an impacted tract

Destroys bad bacteria and internal parasites in the tract

Encourages the formation of beneficial bacteria

Heals an unhealthy tract, reduces inflammation and encourages faster digestion

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