Fish Water Evaluation


Fish water testing for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, KH and GH



Fish Water Evaluation for better fish keeping

When you’re done using up your remedy jar, rinse and fill with fish tank or pond water. Moisten the seal inside of the top lid, and screw cap on tightly. Use same packing paper to wrap jar, and same box if you desire. Just place new priority mail label over old label and ship back to us asap

When we receive the sample, we’ll test the water for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, KH (carbonate mineral) and GH (general hardness) We’ll email you the results of our findings, and describe what it means. If we determine any actions need to be taken, we’ll give you detailed instructions via email. Our goal is to help you build a healthy ecosystem for your fish

From these tests, we can determine what pH range your fish water should be. however, you’ll need to test pH yourself, so be sure to pick up a tester while you wait for results. Potential of hydrogen, or pH, reads both carbonate mineral and oxygen levels. After testing KH (carbonate mineral) we’ll know if your freshwater source has the potential for being properly oxygenated, as KH gives water the ability to support oxygen

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The more you know, the happier your fish will be