Goldfish Hotline


Administrator available from 7am to 9pm central time


Goldfish Hotline for 911

Goldfish hotline (Koi or other freshwater fish)

US administrator is available from 7am to 9pm central time

Phone call with master goldfish keeper (the administrator and owner of this site) includes follow up instructions via blog posting section

Call to get help for goldfish or Koi emergencies or just to chat about your fish

goldfish emergency

Fish is in distress, sick or dying goldfish emergency will be there for you
Our expertise in diagnosing and treating sick fish has saved many a fish

Whether you have a real 911 or just need to talk to a real person about your fish troubles

Your call will last as long as you need it too

Help goldfish

Goldfish 911

You’ll receive our phone number via email after payment is received

One on One via email

Visit goldfish emergency, and help yourself