Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food tof


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Makes 6 fluid ounces of liquid gel


Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food tof

Seaweed and Shrimp gel food tof is nutritious and delicious, containing only the finest organic ingredients. Gelatin has become a popular food with goldfish. Serving it gives us a chance to add healthy foods they may not otherwise eat, to their diet. Jello is popular with humans too, only we add sugar, and food coloring, substances are fish can’t have, although the fish might enjoy the sugary treat, sugar water; not so much. Fish love food gel as much as we love jello, even though it’s tasteless, it’s rich in collagen and protein. Flavor is added to the mix

Improves digestion by gently pulling waste from intestines

Encourages the formation of friendly bacteria in the tract

Discourages bad bacteria from forming in the tract

High in protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals

Easy to prepare

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