Oop Boost tof


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16 fluid ounces treats 160 gallons



Oop Boost tof

Oop Boost tof (H202) safely oxygenates water. Fish keepers of all kinds are often guilty of providing water with low oxygen levels for their fish. All freshwater fish need excellent water, and it begins with a healthy pH level. Potential of hydrogen, pH is not actually a parameter, but more of a theory. The testers we use read O2 and KH. Carbonate mineral, or KH is vital to oxygenated water, as it gives water the ability to support the oxygen molecule. Our products oxygenates water whether KH levels are healthy or not, however, it does degrade within four to six hours, and repeated treatments are necessary when relying on this product. Recommend testing O2 when used solely for this purpose, however, we use it in all of our remedies to boost their staying power, and improves water quality. Treatments used in water low in quality are pointless, as good water is where it all begins

Increases pH without increasing KH levels

Increases pH by raising oxygen levels

Destroys bad bacteria and fungus

Destroys chlorine on contact

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